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Recently listed in my eBay store are a couple of different styles of Ben 10 shirts.  They include a dark blue and gray design.  The Ben 10 shirt comes in boys sizes small (4), medium (5/6), or large (7).  The front of the shirts feature such characters as Ben Tennyson and more.  If your boy still loves Ben 10 on the Cartoon Network this is a great chance to get some shirts for a low cost.   What other character shirts would you like to see in my store?

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Maintaining your focus while running an eBay business can be a very challenging goal.  Whether you have health challenges or not sometimes it is easy to lose your energy and focus on the daily tasks.  It is important to remember that health is your number one priority.  Sometimes when you get very busy with your eBay tasks it is easy to put your health on the backburner but you simply cannot let this happen.  If you are one that exercises daily make sure and not skip these sessions.  Always make time for exercise.  If you have had health issues in the past this is critically important.  Also make sure not to skip meals or snacks so that your energy does not get drained later.  Another important factor in maintaining your focus is to surround yourself with people, whether in person or online, that give you energy and do not drain your energy. Jen Groover gives a great video on some of these tips.

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May 3, Thursday on OWN at 9/8 c you can catch the documentary 65_RedRoses about Eva Markvoort and her two online friends who are all battling cystic fibrosis.  It will inspire others to appreciate the life they have plus learn more about the disease cystic fibrosis.  It also hopes to generate an increase in organ donor rate.  This film was made by two young filmmakers, Philip Lyall and Nimisha Mukerji.  Please let us know your thoughts after watching it.

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One tip I have used regularly over the years to find products to sell is search what other sellers are selling.  For example, say I am selling a Harley Davidson shirt.  If I search on eBay completed listings for this item and find my competition who are also selling these products I can learn a lot.  At this point I click on a competing seller and search their other items.  Then I can look at that seller’s completed items and find what other products they have sold.  This gives me ideas of some other products to find that can bring me a profit.

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In the United Kingdom starting April 29 and running through May 5, 2012 will be Cystic Fibrosis week.  This idea was launched by Ben Shephard, celebrity patron.  In a blog post he asked people to get involved to bring awareness to CF.  Supporters will be asked to sign an e-petition so that prescription costs for people with CF do not see an increase.  An exclusive film will be launched on the CF week website April 30 to celebrate cystic fibrosis week.  Please check out the links for more information.

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One of the more popular series of the Rough Rider knives is the Coal Miner knife.  There are a variety of types of Rough Rider Coal Miner knives ranging from the hawbill, electrician, trapper, and lockback.  These knives feature inlay shields and black handles.  The blades are etched “Coal Miner”.  The hawkbill measures 4″ closed, the electrician 3 3/4″ closed, the trapper 4 1/8″ closed, and the trapper 3 3/4″ closed.  Do you have another favorite brand of coal miner series knife?

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Here are a few Rough Rider knife videos I did recently for some of my eBay listings.

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Cystic fibrosis causes severe lung damage and deficiencies in nutrition.  It is a life threatening disease that is inherited.  It happens most often in white people of northern European ancestry.  With much improved medicine and screening in recent years people living with cystic fibrosis can now leave much longer lives, into their 50s and longer.  Before all the advancements were made most people with CF (cystic fibrosis) died in their teens.

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