Maintain your Focus while running eBay Business

By @ 05/05/12 in eBay

Maintaining your focus while running an eBay business can be a very challenging goal.  Whether you have health challenges or not sometimes it is easy to lose your energy and focus on the daily tasks.  It is important to remember that health is your number one priority.  Sometimes when you get very busy with your eBay tasks it is easy to put your health on the backburner but you simply cannot let this happen.  If you are one that exercises daily make sure and not skip these sessions.  Always make time for exercise.  If you have had health issues in the past this is critically important.  Also make sure not to skip meals or snacks so that your energy does not get drained later.  Another important factor in maintaining your focus is to surround yourself with people, whether in person or online, that give you energy and do not drain your energy. Jen Groover gives a great video on some of these tips.


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